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Manufacturing USA Expo and Reception

4:00pm – Ice Cream Social
4:30pm – Congressional Briefing
6:00-8:00pm – Expo + Reception


Briefing Overview
Over the past year, the Manufacturing USA program has had significant positive impact on advancing manufacturing in the United States. From providing training for veterans to advancing technologies developed in the labs, Manufacturing USA is convening players across the manufacturing community to address the nation’s pressing manufacturing technology and competitiveness needs. Manufacturing USA grew substantially in 2017, adding 6 new institutes to make a total of 14 institutes, sponsored by the departments of Energy, Defense and Commerce. Other highlights include an increase of membership by 50 percent with a 2:1 ratio of small to large business participation. Co-investment was significantly above the program’s annual 1:1 target. The institutes conducted nearly 270 major, collaborative applied research and development projects of high priority to broad indus-try sectors. And more than 191,000 individuals moved through the education and workforce training programs, a seven-fold increase over the prior year.

The first panel of experts and thought leaders from three industrial sectors—high power electronics, machine tools, and healthcare—will describe how the Manufacturing USA institutes create research collaborations that enable their companies to produce innovative products in the U.S.

The second panel of industry experts will discuss their own experience working with the Manufacturing USA in-stitutes to create programs that train and retrain existing workers and military veterans, as well as educate and train students to equip them with the skills they will need to fill the demand for high-paying jobs in the modern manufac-turing sector.


Expo Overview
Please join us for beer, wine, and hors d’oeuvres to celebrate the release of the new Manufacturing USA Annual Report. Come meet the Institute Directors and Members while they showcase what the institutes and their partners are doing together to secure America’s manufacturing future through some recent innovations, including:

  • Arduino: an open-source microcontrollerboard designed to simplify the process of making electronics devices easier and more accessible to everyday people. Starting from simple homemade gadgets, users can progress to complex electronics, eventually working their way up to the likes of robotic arms and more. NextFlex, working with AFRL, set out to create a lightweight, thin and conformable version of the Arduino Mini. Most of the traditional packaging elements were eliminated resulting in a solution that is both two-thirds lighter and faster to build. Together with AFRL, NextFlex has proven the manufacturability of a flexible Arduino and opened the door to even greater innovation benefiting warfighters and consumers.

  • TeachBot: a type of collaborative robot that can interact with people to perform a task together. Extending its capability of coordinating and communicating with a human, researchers at MIT have developed a robot that can teach manufacturing robotics to humans. MIT and robotics company ABB are working with Manufacturing USA institute Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing (ARM), along with MasRobotics and MassMEP, to accelerate the delivery of Teach Bot to the manufacturing and education community.

  • Covisus: like a human fingerprint this technology uses intrinsic surface features of an item to uniquely identify it from all other items of its kind, keeping supply chains secure from counterfeit parts. (DMDII)

  • Gluten-free Cheerios: A Connected Enterprise Case Study: how General Mills worked with CESMII to implement digital systems to insure that their gluten free products were truly gluten free—from the harvest field, to shipment containers, to various storage containers and finally the manufacturing of Cheerios.

Attendees must register in advance for drink tickets.

This is a widely attended public event.