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Confessions of a Corporate Lobbyist

  • 1521 16th Street Northwest Washington, DC, 20036 United States (map)

About the Lecture: Mr. Maibach will share 10 lively stories of ethics, strategy and decision-making drawn from his 18 years as Vice President of Global Government Affairs at the Intel Corporation. These stories sometimes involve the first four CEOs of Intel – Dr. Robert Noyce, Dr. Gordon Moore, Dr. Andrew Grove, and Dr. Craig Barrett. These are three of the four founders of the company. Dr. Noyce is the co-inventor of the integrated circuit (computer chip). Dr. Moore is famous for “Moore’s Law.” Dr. Grove was Time Man of the Year in 1997. Dr. Barrett is a former professor at Stanford University. All four are men of exceptional intelligence and high integrity. Inside each story is a “lesson” or a “moral to the story.” At the end of the talk, Mr. Maibach will explore with our audience what some of those lessons were and remain today.

About the Speaker: Michael Maibach is a seasoned professional in global business diplomacy, advisor to several non-profits, and a Fellow of the International Academy of Management. While in college he was elected to the DeKalb County Board (Illinois), the first person elected to public office under 21 years of age in US history. He is currently a Senior Fellow in American Federalism at the American Opportunity Foundation, and a Trustee and Managing Director at the James Wilson Institute. From 2003-12, he served as the President and CEO of the European-American Business Council. He was Vice President, Global Government Affairs at Intel Corporation from 1983-2001. He has served as an advisor to two White House Commissions under Presidents Reagan and Bush Sr. and served on two US State Department advisory councils. He has testified before the US Congress on 17 occasions. He is a graduate of The Institute of World Politics, and also holds M.A. degrees from Georgetown University and Northern Illinois University.