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Tracking the Hill's briefings, luncheons, receptions, and more.
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New blog post! Brent Sullivan of Time On The Hill gives his thoughts on how best to navigate the post-midterm congressional job market, including building a search strategy, common application and interview mistakes, and the mindset that leads to success. Read it here.

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Defending American Citizens: The Strategic Defense Initiative

  • 214 Massachusetts Avenue Northeast Washington, DC, 20002 United States (map)

The President Ronald Reagan Legacy Project will honor the multiple policy initiatives and legacies America inherited as a result of President Reagan’s vision, intentions, and actions that established the foundation for constitutional public policy pointing the way forward even today. Defending the citizenry was among his highest priorities and a role he believed was the central constitutional responsibility of the national government. Our first program will, therefore, address his announcement of the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) and the goal to protect American security from not only established enemy states, but also rogue regimes or terrorist groups who could launch nuclear weapons on the United States or our allies and examine how this vision is relevant to today’s missile defense challenges.