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What Was Really the Matter with the Kansas Tax Plan: The Undoing of a Good Idea

  • 214 Massachusetts Avenue Northeast Washington, DC, 20002 United States (map)

Tax relief opponents have repeatedly pointed to the 2012 Kansas tax plan as their primary example of why tax cuts do not work. Yet, other states like North Carolina, Indiana, and Tennessee contemporaneously, and successfully, cut taxes. What was different about the Kansas experience?

In What Was Really the Matter with the Kansas Tax Plan, Dave Trabert, President of the Kansas Policy Institute, offers answers to this multi-dimensional question. He covers the six years between the plan’s conception in 2011, its being signed into law in 2012, and then its repeal with the largest tax hike in state history in 2017. Trabert documents the many mistakes that occurred, a toxic political undercurrent, and several unrelated economic circumstances that negatively impacted the budget and multiple misconceptions along the way. Complimentary copies of this book will be provided to attendees.

As the author notes, “much of what went wrong was avoidable. We hope citizens and legislators across the nation can learn from the mistakes made in Kansas as they strive to create the best path forward for everyone to achieve prosperity with lower taxes.”