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WISE Up: Breakfast Briefing on Preventing Violent Extremism and Islamophobia

  • HVC-201, Capitol Visitor Center (map)

Event Name: WISE Up: Breakfast Briefing on Preventing Violent Extremism and Islamophobia
Date: Tuesday, July 17
Time: 9:00am – 10:15am
Location: Capitol Visitor Center, HVC 201A&B
Sponsor: Congressman Tom Suozzi (NY-3)

In the years since the attacks of September 11, 2001, Muslims have been placed firmly in the crosshairs of the global War on Terror and have become the subjects of heavy-handed government policies. Though American Muslims have continuously refuted the dangerous fallacy that “terrorism” is somehow intrinsic to Islam, Muslim identity continues to be falsely conflated with violence, leading to greater public acceptance of discriminatory treatment against Muslims, and betraying our nation’s values of fairness and equality for all.

In 2017, the Women’s Islamic Initiative in Spirituality & Equality (WISE) endeavored to provide authoritative yet easily accessible knowledge about Muslims and their beliefs by working with 72 American Muslim expert contributors to publish a 375-page study, WISE Up: Knowledge Ends Extremism. WISE Up comprises three interrelated yet discrete sections, each usable as a stand-alone guide: Part One: Voices of American Muslims; Part Two: Islamic Theology vs. Extremist Ideology; and Part Three: Preventing Extremist Recruitment.

At the briefing, the WISE team will present a plan by American Muslims to proactively engage in safeguarding their communities, and fight against all extremist groups, including those like ISIS.

Speakers will discuss:

1) how distorted perceptions of American Muslims, perpetuated by a lack of cultural competency, results in their unequal treatment,

2) the commonalities shared amongst all extremist groups, including the social, political, and economic discontents that motivate individuals to join these groups, and how lawmakers can craft policies that respond to these discontents, and

3) the importance of delinking the religion of Islam from extremist ideology.


  • Daisy Khan, Executive Director of WISE and Executive Editor of WISE Up
  • Arsalan Suleman, Former US Acting Envoy to OIC and WISE Up contributor
  • Salam Al-Marayati, President of the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC) and WISE Up contributor
  • Dalia Mogahed, Institute for Social Policy and Understand (ISPU)
  • Ambassador Swanee Hunt
  • Scott Cooper, Director of National Security Outreach, Human Rights First and WISE Up contributor
  • Major Matthew H. Peterson, United States Marine Corps

This briefing represents part of the American Muslim community’s ongoing effort to proactively reinforce their shared commitment to American values, and to provide a resource for lawmakers to increase their cultural competency, so that their rhetoric on Muslims and Islam – which often frames the discourse among the public – does not unwittingly propagate false information and reinforce a damaging “us versus them” narrative.

Ideal for Members of the Congressional Caucus for Women’s Issues, Congressional Victim’s Rights Caucus, American Religious Freedom Caucus, International Religious Freedom Caucus, Taskforce on Anti-Terrorism and Proliferation Financing

Breakfast will be served, and attendees will receive a copy of WISE Up.

To RSVP, or for more information, please email lisa@wisemuslimwomen.org or call at (212) 870-2551.