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Protecting the Grid: Options for Innovations and Strategic Actions

  • 214 Massachusetts Avenue Northeast Washington, DC, 20002 United States (map)

Modern nations rely on the use of the electrical grid for everything from strategic defense to making coffee in the morning. Without a functioning electrical grid, military action, mass transportation, farming, and even the production and refrigeration of vital medicines would be impossible. Over the last few decades, an increased reliance on electronics and lack of preparedness has left the United States electrical grid vulnerable to disruptions, including from effects of solar weather and electromagnetic pulse (EMP). These events could cause widespread failure of and permanent damage to the U.S. electrical grid and have the potential to devastate U.S. infrastructure, economy, and defense sectors. In response to this growing threat, some have sought to further regulate the grid; however other options must be considered. Join us as we discuss the potential impacts of these events on American infrastructure and population, as well as the critical tasks that should be undertaken to minimize such a threat.