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Opportunity Starts at Home: Poll Results Show Mandate for Congressional Action

  • SVC-201, Capitol Visitor Center (map)

New opinion polling from the Opportunity Starts at Home campaign shows that the public is giving Congress a mandate to take bold action on the housing affordability crisis. This poll is the first in several years to assess the extent to which the public considers housing affordability to be a problem in their communities, whether they have had to make sacrifices in other areas of their lives because of housing costs, whether they expect action from elected officials, whether they are more likely to vote for a candidate that has a detailed plan to address the problem, and how open they are to specific policy solutions.

At the event, campaign staff and experts from Hart Research Associates - one of the leading research firms in the United States - will walk the audience through the polling results and discuss the implications for federal policymakers, including specific policies and ways to effectively communicate about the need for action on housing affordability. The poll results will be broken down by age, race/ethnicity, gender, income, party affiliation, ideology, education, and geography.

The agenda is as follows:

  • America’s Housing Affordability Crisis

    • Diane Yentel, President & CEO, National Low Income Housing Coalition

  • The Impetus for Commissioning an Opinion Poll

    • Mike Koprowski, National Director, Opportunity Starts at Home

  • Polling Results

    • Rebecca Naser & Corrie Hunt, Hart Research Associates

  • "Within Reach:" A Playbook for Policymakers

    • Sarah Mickelson, Senior Director of Public Policy, National Low Income Housing Coalition

Poll Results Show Mandate for Congressional Action

According to the poll, the vast majority of the public — a full 85% — believe that ensuring everyone has a safe, decent, affordable place to live should be a “top national priority." This view is strong across the political spectrum — from 95% of Democrats to 87% of independents and 73% of Republicans. Eight in ten people also say that Congress should “take major action” to make housing more affordable for low-income households. Strong majorities, on a bipartisan basis, also support a variety of concrete policy solutions, such as expanding rental assistance and housing development programs.

And in addition to being good politics, it’s also smart policy. When people have stable affordable homes, they’re healthier; they’re more likely to escape poverty and climb the income ladder; they can more readily access areas with greater career opportunities, which, in turn, helps drive economic growth; they’re less hungry; and their kids perform better in school.