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A Discussion on the Military Intervention Project

  • 385 Russell Senate Office Building (map)

On behalf of the Charles Koch Institute, it is our pleasure to invite you to a lunch discussion with Dr. Monica Duffy Toft of Tufts University. She will be discussing the results of her Military Intervention Project, a comprehensive dataset tracking the use of American force since this country’s founding.

With tensions escalating from Venezuela to the Korean Peninsula and deployments to the Middle East again in the news, Dr. Toft’s research provides timely analysis about the efficacy of military action. Her investigation reveals that while the number of interventions accelerated steadily after World War II, and again more sharply since the end of Cold War, they have rarely achieved desired objectives.

Why is this the case? What explains our government’s increased reliance on armed force? Most importantly, how might America diversify its statecraft to accomplish limited foreign objectives while husbanding military strength to preserve our most vital interests?

To help us explore these and other questions, Dr. Toft will be joined by Dr. Emma Ashford, research fellow in defense and foreign policy at the Cato Institute, who will moderate discussion and lead Q&A.

Please join us to learn about the use and misuse of America’s military might and alternatives to kinetic diplomacy.

Thursday, June 27
From 12:00—1:15 PM
Russell Senate Office Building #385

Lunch and discussion