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In Search of a SpaceX for Nuclear Energy

  • 325 Russell Senate Office Building (map)


Through innovative and successful approaches to public-private partnerships, the United States has recovered from a trailing role in global launch services. What can we learn from NASA to enable a similar reversal in U.S. nuclear energy? This question is rendered urgent by the pressing need for clean energy globally, the geopolitical importance of U.S. participation in nuclear energy trade, and the demonstration policies currently under consideration in Washington, D.C.

The panel for this briefing includes experts from NASA, Clean Air Task Force, and Kairos Power. Remarks will include findings from the Nuclear Innovation Alliance report “In Search of a SpaceX for Nuclear Energy,” which suggests strategies for efficiently supporting demonstration projects.

An event for members of Congress, congressional staff, and interested members of the public


Dr. Matt Bowen
Nuclear Policy Fellow, Clean Air Task Force

Dr. Daniel Rasky
Senior Scientist, NASA Ames Research Center

Dr. Per Peterson
Chief Nuclear Officer, Kairos Power

Moderated by:

Dr. Ashley Finan
Executive Director, Nuclear Innovation Alliance